Free Cooking lessons

The Knackered Chef  “that’s me Julian” is pleased to announce that he will be giving free cooking lessons every Saturday Morning from 10am till up to 11am depending on scheduling and locations.

I’m currently developing this and hope to be up and running by the end of the month or sooner.

I’ve worked in and around the food and drinks industry since I was a young boy owning restaurants and food related businesses in a career spanning almost thirty years .

I currently teaches at a local school in South London where children get to learn the basics of cooking simple but effective meals using fresh ingredients, the lessons are fun and noisy with an educational edge learning simple hygiene rules and perfecting the use of all the tools in a kitchen everything from using sharp knives to cooking on a hob, everything from fresh coleslaw to shepherds pie.

The lessons have become so popular that parents have been asking for private lessons some even asking if I do other classes, I decided to try and set up lessons looking for suitable locations in and around the South London area, as popular as the concept seemed on Facebook sourcing and paying for these locations seemed costly and not viable.

Throughout it has been my goal to teach children, teenagers and adults to cook, we live in an age where convenience and caused us to lose a basic life skill it’s my mission to educate and inspire passion for cooking no matter what level.

Do you want to take part in our live cooking lessons, every week we’ll be streaming live and we’d like to give you the chance of having free one 2 one with the Knackered Chef  we’d like to film from your house in the kitchen, front room dining room or on the patio.

I’ll giving local business owners the chance to advertise during our live stream maybe you own a business and you’d like to advertise it’s really simple why don’t you take art in our lessons and we’ll cook something for you whilst we interview you and cook for you. all you need to do is provide the location and the food we’ll do the rest.

Do you want to know more?